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Our journal is actually available in the digital web archive of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University!

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  • The journal Sacra

    Sacra is a peer-reviewed academic journal for the Study of Religions which is published by Sacra, a non-profit organization of Masaryk University Press, Brno (Czech Republic).

    The aim of our organization is to publish students` scholarly texts in the Study of Religions and to spread awareness about exceptional students` work not only from the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also from other countries in the world.

    Thanks to this project, students have a unique opportunity to improve their academic skills.

    Sacra was founded in 2003. It is published twice a year.

    ISSN: 1214-5351 (print)

    ISSN: 2336-4483 (online)

    Where is Sacra available

    New issues of Sacra, in paper edition, are available for free at these places: