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Ústav religionistiky
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Publishing in Sacra

Sacra publishes academic articles, commentaries, discussions, news and reviews relevant for the Study of Religions. Texts sent to the editorial board undergo anonymous peer-review, usually by two reviewers.
The main criteria for publishing are a) relevancy of the proposed text to the study of religions, b) scientific contribution, c) theoretical relevance d) explicit methodology, e) appropriate language quality of the text.

Proposed texts are approved by the editorial board of the journal. The board reserves the right to make necessary stylistic and technical changes in materials submitted. Opinions of the editorial board do not have to be conformity with opinions expressed by authors in the published texts.

Authors interested in publishing in Sacra can send their text (along with a contact, e. g. e-mail) to the e-mail or to the address of the journal or give it to a member of the editorial board.

After texts are published, a copy is provided to their authors in PDF files. Authors of these texts are allowed to use them to promote their work, e.g. on their web page, on condition that a full bibliographic reference is provided with the text.